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Created for the ranting, squabbling, show-boating, lusting, drooling, squealing, and glomping of the Oekaki Group. "

Rules: respect each other. If you plan on posting pictures or quizzes, please use the LJ cut tag, so it doesn't take for ever for the main page to load. That's all. Feh, like I'm one to talk about freaking rules.

Ho House:

Other sites to get your oekaki on:

+ Oekaki Circle +-Pro board! Amature pics or doodles will be erased. With many talented artists, this place is great to go to if you want to see a large variety of techniques.
Happy Land of Oekaki Doom-A very friendly place for relative beginners and experts alike. Also has several of the newer board types. Remember to read the rules though.
OekakiBBS.com-Japanese board, also a great place to pick up new techniques.
Oekaki Central-You want it? They got it.