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CONTEST! on my new board ^^ [Feb. 21st, 2003|03:11 am]
The OG
Hi ther Im new, my name is maca¨*ponts at user pic* and Id like to introduce myself with a little contest;^____^
You see I got a new Oekaki board and I would like to see it running, you will see its preety new.
The contest rules are preety simple:
1-Draw the best oekaki you can....period!
Be carefull since the board has a max filesize for accepting pictures, it is quite a reasonable size but still, those which are too big (pic height and width can reach 600x600 px) wont post.
The best pic will be chosen to win a prize, plus another random pic will be chosen too, and shall win another prize.
Which is the prize? An oekaki board just like mine.
Yup I will set you an oekaki board with the same caracteristics as mine (excepting for the bg and style and colours and other few details of your choice) plus a small guide on how to Admin it, because I know it might be a bit tricky for the first time.
I will give it to you running and ready to use. Take in mind any other problems with the board resulting from bad usage, or of course server problems I cannot and will not answer for them...... Ok ok I might take a look ^___^. And I wont Admin it for you, you are the owner after all.
The closing date for the pics ir Friday the 28th of February or the 7th of March depending of the response (I hope I calculated the dates correctly^___^). The results will be given on the oekaki on Sunday, and you get your own kaki as soon as I can upload it, which means if the server is kind, a week or two from the announcement (all dates could extend up to a week since I have to get my hands in a comp and some free time to do so).
the oekaki is here
Register and I will start accepting members from tomorrow, and dont worry because of the banner you can either wait untill it closes by itself, or close it yourself.
If the server happens to be down, dont worry it is temporary for just a few hours, dont loose your pic or close your window.
PS: I still reserve the right to errase whatever I consider spam.
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Addresses? [Jan. 11th, 2003|02:37 pm]
The OG

Hey, I know I missed out on the Christmas card scene, but I'm going to make it up. Can I get some (snail mail) addresses to mail out my groundhog's day cards and "presents" (heehee...)? Mail me at Onigal@aol.com

Please don't be shy ^^; Everyone on this board deserves *cackle* one. Don't make me hunt you down and get it the hard way. Long as I get the addy, you'll get a card =)
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Links! Links! Lend me a link! [Jan. 2nd, 2003|03:53 am]
The OG

Does anybody know a good archive that has Schoolhouse Rock sound files on it? Me an' The Sexorcist would greatly appreciate it if anybody could point us in the right direction! ^_^
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(no subject) [Dec. 31st, 2002|02:04 am]
The OG

Wanted: Boobs

Will give cookie for every all-out boobfest on oekaki

Yours, the Undersigned.

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>.o [Dec. 17th, 2002|12:51 pm]
The OG

[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Face Up, Face Down -Eric Stuart]

mood: confused
music: Face Up Face Down -Eric Stuart
Uhm, how does the "continue" option work on the new boards? I swear I filled out the form right, but its not accepting the password. Is it because I checked the Flower Panic box?
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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2002|08:56 am]
The OG

[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |a/c]

Is anybody else signing up for NaNoWriMo this year? If you do, I'm Miss Liz. Gee, don't it make me sound all professional and classy like?!

Anywho, I thinks it's a good goal. I might not reach 50,000 words, but it's definitely worth trying.
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marker marker? [Sep. 29th, 2002|04:39 pm]
The OG

[mood |hyperhyper]

I just found a place where I could buy Tria markers. They totally rock! I can't wait to actually buy some...real colors o__O Anyway, I've only worked with really cheap and terrible markers before, so I was wondering who else uses Trias, and if they have any tips or stuff? Because I'm pretty terrible right now ^^;

Anyway, here's a tria pic that JPG ate...I totally fucked up the coloring on the shirt. Soo, any advice?
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